ReNew YOU Journal - Caroline Craven 2019

30-Day ReNew You Challenge

DAY 16 - Jan 16

Today is a NEW day!  And I’m feeling psyched.   Last night my friend came over and we puzzled and watched  TV, had a fire and chatted.  It was so wonderful.  MS is such a lonely disease at times. Its crucial that we spend time with people that make us happy.  

Hitting yoga in a bit, then appointments and work/writing.  OH, and I did my taxes already.  Talk about not procrastinating.  Well, they’re almost done.  I’m waiting for 1099s etc.   But yay me!

Day 15 - Jan 15

Today wasn’t my best but got it done.  Hit several of my action items — thank you for making me accountable!  

And I slept great, which is always a bonus.

Have you guys tried Life Cycle app?

I’m not great at writing everything down so this is a great way to track my health and activities:

DAY 14 - Jan 14

Two weeks into it and realize that I am making a difference in my life.  Small steps lead to positive change and its happening.

Highlights from yesterday - brrrr, it was a cold morning:

But man, did my tremors get BAD!   

Check out this video — I really am trying to hold my hand still.  

SO, I light of this video, definitely upping my self care.

I can feel my body getting inflamed.  Literally feel it getting hot and burning inside.  Some items it’s necessary to take action against the heat.  I’m upping my Protandim to two a day to help the oxidative stress that seems to be happening.  I also must change my diet and lifestyle - not major changes but some small improvements.

Today:  Juicing, Stretching, Calming teas, CBD oil and THC roller on the neck/spasms.  

“Because I am taking care of myself and soothing my nerves, my MS symptoms will soften and I will feel strong, happy and healthy again!.  I will feel empowered!” 

DAY 13 - Jan 13

Well, I sure had fun yesterday!  we went wine tasting - haven’t been in forever.  Love a good local wine.  And this one is right across the street.  Woot woot.

Maybe a little too much fun.  After a cup of coffee chose the Chamomile tea to soothe the nerves. And boy do they need soothing.

Nothing like a day in the country to help calm and inspire.  I will never tire of this view.

But tomorrow, Monday we kick back into gear. Action items for this week -

1.  Setting up walks this week with friend for accountability.
2.  Yoga on Wednesday
3.  Shopping for juicing ingredients.
4. Plan for incorporating neck/back therapy:  Core roller, stretches, CBD ointment for pain.
5.  Journal writing
6.  Plan to incorporate book writing time.
7.  More - I know I can handle more!
8.  No procrastinating - get it done.
9.  Reach out to friends
10.  Take time for family

Time to up this game!

DAY 12 - Jan 12

My first week has been challenging but good.  My efforts have paid off to date.  But now I want to up my game.  SO, I’m upping my challenge and action steps.

My goal is to improve my MS health.  That is happening.  The cog fog is waning, and my energies are returning.  So what next?

As I keep up my action items of walking, eating healthier, and living a more fulfilled life, I am feeling more capable and happy, more empowered.

In order to keep this feeling going I must maintain my efforts as well as add new ones.

As many of you know, I have several books in process.  Its time to bump these up and get them done!  Especially the first book. Everyone with MS can learn something from it and I’m psyched to get it going.  By adding book writing to my action steps, my game is pumping up.

JAN 11

WOW.  Ok, still having problems in some areas but totally making a difference in my life. Today included a road trip with friends to see friends.  The highway was beautiful, cruising along highway 1 in California.  Gorgeous!

Had a great stop in SB at lazy acres then on to Los Alamos to Bobs well bread bakery.  All i can say is Canelli and Macaroon.   Nomnom.

Yesterday was epic.  4 mile walk along our beautiful trails and then roasted a chicken from @autonomyfarms.  The BEST chicken available now that B and B Country Chicken is no longer in business.

Day 10 of my ReNew YOU Challenge

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An excerpt from today - Jan 10

WOW.  I cant believe I am here.  And would not be here if it weren’t for all of your well wishes and support.

I walked 4 miles today!   Wahooo!!

My work is paying off but still having some issues.

I was having a hard time committing to walking/exercise so my friend joins me - it makes me accountable and I need that!

But because I’m persevering, I am on my way to achieving my goal of improving my MS health by taking self-care steps of wellness.

1.  Walking:  Heading out for my third walk this week:  builds strength and heart health.

2.  Stop and smell the roses:  builds appreciation and gratitude.

3. Do not procrastinate - even the dullest of chores to be done now.  And it’s helping a lot.  They need to be done so just do it!

4.  Eating healthy.  Wish I got a photo of the Sushi Burrito from Bristol Farms.  Delicious!  And Uber healthy.  I split it with my friend.

5.  Time with friends.  Today with my friend on a walk.  Several friends on the phone.

6. Compartmentalize my day for work.  I divided up the day and two hours a day, first thing are spent on GWMS.  then, writing and other gigs come into the picture.  When there is ton to do, it’s important to divide and conquer.

7.  Smile.  Smile and pass it on.  The cheapest form of joy we can spread.

8.  Having moments of doubt?  Repeat your affirmation.   Today, my affirmation is this:

“Because I am walking, working hard and taking care of myself, I am on my way to reaching my goal  of improved health and I am feeling strong, capable and empowered.”

And remember... #takeTHATms!

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Boy did I do it yesterday!   Made myself accountable with a friend and walked over 3 miles.  THEN went to another friends movie premiere in Hollywood.  A doozy of a day but I did it because of your support and my efforts.  I couldn’t have done this a month ago, or even a couple of weeks ago.

So grateful for my affirmations and action items.

I walked 3.2 miles with my friend along our beautiful trails system.

 Then ate tacos at Trejos Tacos in Hollywood.

Followed by my friend, Max Martini’s movie premier of Sgt. Will Gardner.

Max Martini, Caroline Craven & Tim Flynn

WOW!  4.7 miles total today.  No wonder I’m beat. 
But I did it.

And, woke up with energy to work, write, journal and prepare for an easy stroll in the garden.


One week completed and feeling the change.  But man, sometimes I just dont want to take my action steps.  I mean I want the results but its amazing what excuses I can find at times to put them off.  Being aware of this is just the start of making a change.

Accountability - when you finds yourself waffling over decisions and commitments to better health, get a friend involved.  Set a time to meet and exercise.  That’s what I’m doing today.  I need a bit of a kick in my rear this week so a friend and I are going walking.

My legs feel strong and ready.  The weather is cool after the rain.  And now I have a friend to walk with.  No excuses. Get it done, Craven, get it done!

My actions for the day:
Stroll the garden
If I see something that needs doing - do it.  Get it done!

My affirmation for the day:

“Because I’m walking, not procrastinating and getting my work done, I will feel empowered, strong and capable.”

Enjoyed my stroll through the Garden and found citrus of beautiful colors:  orange, lemon and lime!  Hmmm...there must be some recipe I can make with all of these beauties.


I knew this but had forgotten how powerful it can be.  I grabbed a friend and we met for a walk.  Went further than imagineer.  3.2 miles!


This is a new year and I’m ready to kick start it with a bang.  So, I’m doing the challenge, as you know.  This is my diary of activities and inspirations.

GOAL:  Upgrade my MS health. 

Action Items:
  1. Eating healthier:  cleaner, greens, less process, low sodium, low sugar.
  2. Being more active/exercising over 20 minutes 3X week.  Working up to 5X/week.  
  3. Life skills:  record activities, do not procrastinate, create affirmation, be accountable.  
  4. Pay attention to the little things in life.  Stop and smell the roses.  

I’m already making healthier food choices.  After allowing a couple of cups of decaf coffee, I switch to herbal teas.  The warmth feels good this time of year.  The sodium has been reduced as well as the processed foods.  My body is craving green, healthy, soups, vegetables, clean eating.  The holidays were glutinous but today is different.  Today I’m making better choices and on my way to reach my goal of enter MS health.

I am doing chores and the tasks that usually get put off.  By not procrastinating, my goals is in reach.

Taking down Christmas - that’s my activity for the day.  May not get out on a walk today but tomorrow is near.

Thank you all for helping be accountable.  Just knowing that I’m on my way and youre supporting me, as I am you, life is feeling manageable once again.

Driving has become a challenge with my MS.  No freeways or busy streets.  Sometimes even the most neighborly streets seem daunting.  Today I felt different.  More confident.  I was taking control of my MS symptoms by making positive change.  And I feel it already!

My afternoon cravings for sugar have waned.  Healthy and clean eating is what my body wants.  Home made split pea soup and some left over Chinese - rice and green beans.

Energy is already returning.  I am making a difference because I’m taking control and making a conscious effort to change.  Write it down, repeat it.

Because of my commitment to eating healthy, I am on my way to reaching my goal of better MS health.  Awesome!


Day three - which action item am I going to focus on today?  ALL of them!  Well sort of.

I am not feeling like walking today.  Brrrr..its cold outside.  SO, I’m going to do Yoga.  I like a gentle yoga class and will do this one at home using a guided instruction.   Its important to have choices.  My exercise choices are walking/yoga and horse back riding.  Today is yoga.  Maybe a walk too but lets not over commit yet.  Time to keep it easy but still stay committed.

Action items for TODAY:

1.  Yoga
2.  CBD oil - added it this month
3.  Green juice
4.  Vitamins/supplements

Well, I ended up walking instead of yoga.

And made some healthy chili verde in the crock pot.  Not exactly green juice but wholesome and clean.


Another good night of sleep.  Whew! 

Yesterday I walked, took care. Of business and did not procrastinate my chores.  Feeling accomplished and capable.  Love this feeling!  

Today:  Green juicing, walking and work.  PLUS time to mind wander and putter in garden.  Spending time in the beauty of nature provides so much enjoyment and peace.  
JAN 5 
Ahhhh.... Its Saturday!  I was going to walk today but have not yet.  Focusing my energy on housework and chores.  Cleaned the refrigerator and roasting up some veggies.  

Paying attention to what we eat is a key part to staying healthy and reaching our goals.  Color and variety help so much with keeping food fun.  

I stayed up pretty late last night - later than usual.  When I woke the MS crept in and my body felt wrecked.  I took a warm bath and stretched it out.  Felt tons better afterward.  

Looking forward to spending a couple of days with Tim.  I also have some great projects to putter on for GwMS so that’s exciting.  

My action steps today: 

Eat healthy
Do chores
Write in journal
Take CBD oil 
Take Supplements
Update symptoms in MS app.
Drink herbal tea after decaf coffee. 
Remind myself how healthy, capable and empowered I am.  

Affirmation for the day: 

“Because I am going to write in my journal, do my chores and not procrastinate and becasue I am preparing and eating healthy food, I am on my way to reaching my goal of improved health! 


Didn’t sleep the greatest  last night until I took charge.  Committee in the brain got going after a bit and kept me awake.  BUT I started repeating my affirmation for the day and fell asleep in peace.   It felt so great to wake up with the affirmation imprinted on my mind.  I’ve got this!

I Cooked up a storm yesterday.  Roasted tons of veggies which I mixed up with some pasta, calamari olives and artichoke hearts for an awesome salad.

Then I made some cheesey hearts.  YUM!    They dont look the prettiest but they sure are good.

Today is Sunday.  One of my favorite action steps for Sunday is to be aware of the little things in life. To stop and smell the roses.  To watch a bird take a batch.  To capture the beauty of nature and love.  


Beauty abounds!  The moments i took yesterday to stop and smell the roses paid off.  Feelin gratitude all night.  And when the committee woke me up at 3:30AM, I repeated my affirmation for the night:

“Because I took the time to stop and smell the roses my anxiety lessened and I am now feeling gratitude and appreciation toward life”.

I know, these seem so small, but repeated these fafirmations make such a difference!

Today wraps up my first week and I can definitely feel a difference.  BUT, I know I can do better.   SO I’m going to up my action steps.  

I’m going to start integrating new steps into my regime: 

1.  Write thank you notes and correspondence to further enhance feelings of appreciation and gratitude. 
2.  Call friends and reach out to people I haven’t talked to in awhile. 
3.  Make sure I am taking care oof myself in all areas:  Phyical, mental, spiritual.  Take weekly inventory.  
4. Write down my daily activities in calendar - keep track of tasks in to do list. 

THis is FUN!  The more I can do the more capable I am feeling, despite my bad days.  

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