Blue Light Blocker Sleep Aid for MS Patients

Something new to try!

I'm finding these quite helpful, especially as days get shorter and more time is spent indoors and under artificial lights.  

Quality sleep is essential for everyone.  

Especially those with chronic illness such as MS.  Our bodies heal while we are sleeping, potentiating cell regeneration.

It was not until recently that I realized how poorly my sleep had become. But then, after a few adjustments, the magic started to happen.  Solid, seven hours of sleep, except for one or two restroom breaks.

This successful sleeping is not from one product or thing, but multiple items working together.

I’ve written about my success with high-dose biotin, Myetin, and continue to brag about the positive effects it has had on my sleeping.  And now, I just took it one step further.

Introducing:  Swannies - the glasses putting blue light stress in the dumpster.

Swannies are made by Swanwick Sleepfounded in 2015 by Australian brothers, James and Tristan Swanwick.

Blue light is artificial light that comes from laptops, iPads, all devices.  And we all know how much time I spend on electronics!   Geez, for an outdoor girl my monitor time can be excessive.

And boy does this stuff mess with your melatonin and all things related to sleeping.   Studies have looked at the damage blue light can cause.  

Straight from their website:  

“There are lights on our screens that we stare into at nighttime after the sun is long gone. Blue light is in your cell phone, TV screen, computer, bathroom and kitchen lights, alarm clock - almost everywhere.

When we stare at these screens - as you may be doing now - it tricks our bodies into thinking it’s still daytime. This means we don’t produce as much melatonin.”

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*Thank you Swanwick Sleep and the makers of Swannies for helping us all sleep better!  
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you help support @thegirlwithms and Caroline Craven continue their MS advocacy. *

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