Win a FREE Cooling Necklace!

 Time for a contest!   

GWMS has partnered up with Nano-Ice and we're giving away a FREE cooling necklace.  It may still be snowing in some parts of the country but summer is just around the corner and it won't be long before it all changes.

Take a photo or selfie of you sporting some orange and #OrangeforMS during the month of March.  Help build awareness and enter as many times as you like.

BUY ONE TODAY!   SAVE $10 and use CODE: ff16 at Check out for $10 OFF and buy one today!

These cooling necklaces are great.  Nano-Ice has a couple of different versions.  This one, with the big, cold balls, packs a significant cooling effect on the body which can be very helpful to those with MS-induced heat sensitivities.    

Click here for other models and colors.
Silly sketch 
At my sister's wedding last year.

Back when I used to kayak - known for my orange, old-school boat.
Martin's Hole, McKenzie River, Oregon  

How do you like to sport your #OrangeforMS?

Share your photo via social media and enter to win a very cool, cooling necklace!  

Enter as many time as you want.  March is MS awareness month.   Let's cover it with folks sporting some orange.  


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