Love, love, love this day.



Shout it to the world.  Let everyone know.  
Time to build even more awareness around multiple sclerosis.  

Tell us your story & share something that MS doesn't stop you from doing!

Here's just the beginning of my #StrongerthanMS list 

MS doesn't stop me from:
  • Helping others live better with MS #lifecoach #livingwithms #takethatms
  • Serving as a volunteer 
  • Staying active - even if it's just a slow stroll through a giant poppy field. 
  • Enjoying the little things in life including this small red wildflower on a recent hike.  

  • Camping - with the help of friends and beautiful weather here at Refugio Beach, California with my #orangemoji 

  • Being resourceful - after forgetting the pot to boil water we compromised.

  • Being myself.  MS won't stop me from being quirky and silly.  We are all beautifully unique.   

  • Enjoying the garden.  Just one of many lilies that my father grows in our garden.   

For people who suffer from this illness, everyday is MS day.  But between MS Awareness Month in March and World MS Day, the awareness about multiple sclerosis is growing.  Of course all the recent celebrities with either the disease or related to someone with it, doesn't hurt the cause.

I can't kayak like I used to but now enjoy watching others show how they are #strongerthanms.  

How are you #strongerthanms?  

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Unknown said...

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