Fighting a relapse

MS weighing you down?  It sure got a hold of me last week. Talk about fighting a relapse. Wowza. I am Tired from the fight.  

How did I survive? By saying NO and setting boundaries. Sometimes the Only way to a healthy life is to be selfish and protect yourself. Just say no thank you. Seriously. Even fun stuff. Put it all on hold until that battery power bar is back up to sufficient. Or incase of the spoon theory, when one has more spoons to use. Personally I like the battery bar and power mode to visualize my health and energy. 

It wasn't easy, saying no. Turned down friends and family. Turned down work and fun. But, I was able to do a little each day and that was OK with me. Just 1-2 hours max on the computer per day and the rest of my time spent restoring and rejuvenating. 

I did nothing yesterday except go to farmers market. 

I literally sat on the couch and rested. Or for me took an absolutely lazy day. How can one not feel lazy when slacking in the couch by the fire reading and playing games?  

Hardest part about fatigue and multiple sclerosis is the guilt. At least for me it's the guilt of not being productive. Even though I went to the market, did a little bit of client work and some house work, feeling like a slacker. Hate this feeling and don't deserve it. But it's a tough one to work out of jones system. 

I am heading to church in a bit to help with a campaign and to prepare for the women's retreat where I'm giving a work shop on creating a more capable life.  My book is in progress but not done yet.  Many other tools and tricks to share with this group. Looking forward to it!

So, take time to make priorities. Set boundaries. Listen to your self. Obey your health. And say #takethatms! 

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Unknown said...

I really love this. Often with my MS, the real struggle of listening to my body is that I have to stop listening to the other voices and slow down, even when it means bowing out of other commitments. Definitely a message we need to be reminded of once in a while :)