My 1st MS attack, learning to flow like a river

Fifteen years it's been since I stumbled my way through Guatemala with a disease I knew nothing about. Here is a quick video of me remembering my initial attack. Through the course of three weeks I lost ability to walk or see unassisted...what was going on?
Finally I got in to see a neurologist and after spinal tap and MRI, it was confirmed. I have multiple sclerosis. I have what?! Learn to deal with it. I started with copaxone but then was asked to join a three year double blind study with the chair of neurology at USC. Sure thing, I said! And so glad I did as I have spent the last thirteen years learning to better manage this condition without the use of many prescriptions and with the use of certain foods and supplements along with a change in lifestyle.
It's difficult to describe my vision issues but this is a good image of what it feels like. Not sure how I took this photo but it works! Don't look at it too long...
My vision under an MS attack
We can do this! MS changes our lives but it doesn't have to take our lives. In fact, the more we learn to go with the flow the better our illness can be managed.
Think of a river, floating along some riffles, tootling around rocks and staying in the green water when wham, a huge rapid appears around the corner. There's no eddying out on this one. Time to see a path and take it. Commit. We can't fight the white water, we must flow with it around the obstacles causing the rapids.

This is the attitude that helps me deal a with my MS a little more each day. It's not easy and may not be successful with this mindset, but it's a focal point for me. And that is a good thing, having a focus.


RedheadNut said...

What a way and a place for the MonSter to attack. You've done well in managing it. Proud of all you accomplish in spite of it.

Unknown said...

That is the best photo to describe what it feels/looks like to have vision issues with MS. Just had another flare up and got diagnosed with Bells Palsy on 6/4/14 Thanks again for sharing

Caroline Craven said...

Thank you Redheadnut and Ashley for your thoughtful comments! We need our community to survive and thrive and just live. I appreciate you both being a part of mine.

Unknown said...
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Jacqueline Haller said...

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