Lost medical records, frustration and value of time

Had an appointment with my neurologist yesterday. my neuromuscular specialist to be exact. Whom I like very much. But talk about frustration! Went in for two MRIs having to do with an injured shoulder. There was a mix up on paper work. Or confusion by the MRI folks and they didn't give me the contrast on my first MRI. I called my doctors office that Day at 11:43am to confirm that the paper work for Mondays MRI was correct. I was told that I didn't need a contrast and the paper work was fine. Got to the MRI on Monday, didn't do the contrast. So, in yesterday's appointment I was asked about the contrast. And it was on the paperwork. Seriously? Now I have to go back, hire a driver, be sedated and take a half a day off. And this is costing me money. I don't see them paying for the mess up. Oh but they sure are glad to take my co-pay.

And then to top it all off it seems my retired neurologist from 2010 only gave three years of my medical records to the new doctor. So what happened to all of my records from 2001-2007? Six years lost. Doctor is gone. Records are gone. And not only that but my records from a three year study at USC for a T Cell vaccination are missing as well. My entire medical MS history for my first crucial seven years are gone.

I am so frustrated. Try to do everything right and it doesn't work. No one takes responsibility. My fault I'm sure. Didn't know I have to get copies of notes from every dr appointment I go to these days. Not easy for someone with MS. Or anyone for that matter. Oh, and they charge! The doctors won't keep medical records past a few years (supposedly ten years but that's bologna) but they gladly charge you $25 to make copies.

Isn't HIPAA or something supposed to protect our rights as patients?


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