Escaping the Red Zone of MS

Sometimes this is not very easy to do, keeping your clothes on, with MS. Summer months are brutal and just hiding out by the AC doesn't cut it for most folks. Planning ahead with cooling devices is best but sometimes we simply wake up in the "red zone", inflamed and sensitive, a red flag for a relapse.

When I'm in the Red Zone the first thing done is to rate the shade of red. Am I getting a little pink or have I fried myself?

And then ask myself why?

  • What did I do yesterday?
  • What did I eat?
  • What was the temperature?
  • How did I sleep?
  • What's on my agenda today?

What can I do now to move into the "Blue Zone"?

Hanging by water is a great option. Pools, rivers, lakes, oceans provide instant relief from warmer temperatures. But not all of us have this opportunity nor can we often remove our clothes to cool off so improvise we must.
Quick tips:
  • Cool shower. Even Luke warm is fine. Just hop in the shower for instant cool down.
  • Wet bandanna around cooling points: neck, wrists, ankles
  • Ice water, drink it, pour it on your head, pour it down your shirt!
  • Wet shirt, cool off body. Huge help in the Sahara when my guides put my shirt in the crocodile infested waters so I could cool off. They don't have ice on safari in Tanzania, FYI.
  • Juice it! With Cooling, anti inflammatory and detoxing foods such as cucumber, apple, pineapple, etc.
  • Visualize the Blue Zone:
Ahhhhh....feeling cooler already. Now, not to mess it up.
That means to watch diet and activities all day:
  • Cooling foods
  • Activities by AC
  • Water, hydration
  • Reduce stress and get those items checked off to-do list
  • Have fun brainstorming on some new projects
  • Find balance
  • Be at peace
  • Mellow in the "Green Zone"
So, How do you deal when you're in the Red Zone?

Originally posted in 2015. Still pertinent today in 2022! 


Unknown said...

This is great, Caroline; my husband is a helpful gauge when I'm not near any mirrors: "You're getting a little red-faced; shouldn't you be wearing your vest?" Even after all these years, I still overdo it out there... (Then again, we only get 3 months of warmth where I live; if the sun is out, I'm going to be in it!)

One thing I'm surprised you didn't mention, since it was you who turned me on to it, but Peppermint Essential Oil is my go-to cool-down when I'm not quite ready to jump into the shower. Thank you for that! :-)

Caroline Craven said...

I actually wrote this post before I learned about essential oils. Thank you for the reminder. I'll make an update!

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