I'm Back!

Hey there, Its been awhile. Lost focus. Things considered and things changed. Watch this spot and look forward to learning about life with Multiple Sclerosis. Not always fun but pretty darn good at times. After a recent six week relapse this MS survivor is coming back strong. If it doesn't have to do with family, friends, fun, food or fishing, it's not on my agenda. Of course horses belong in the fun category. Tomorrow is a big day. For those with MS you understand our sensitivity to heat but to others it's a continual cool down session in training. My goal is to ride a horse for about 2 hours in the morning in Palmdale in my first trails trials. With two cooling vests, (including this one from arctic heat), a cooling neck band and various other attachments and a chest full of ice, I should be cool, if not maybe mistaken for a terrorist of sorts. Im training for the heat as part of my MS therapy. Heres a great resource about active bodies and heat in general and helpful for those with MS and are heat sensitive: Strategies for Training and Competing in the Heat and Humidity: Click Here via @powerbar My main alternative is to use coconut water for a natural effective hydration program. Check out the health benefits. For up to date info about dealing with multiple sclerosis check out this site!

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