ReNew YOU: Session 1

30-DAY ReNew YOU Self-Care Challenge

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My answers are in orange.  Write your own destiny!

STEP 1:  

What goal(s) do you want to achieve in the next 30 days?    

Upgrade my MS Health.

STEP: 2: 

2. Imagine it is 30 days from now and you have achieved your goal:

A. What are some of the things that you are now aware of feeling?

More energy, less MS days, better sleep/more rested, reduced symptoms, stronger and more confident.

B. What are some of the things that you are now aware of seeing?

I see myself walking in the neighborhood and taking hikes.  I am eating healthy food.  Shopping for dandelion greens and other dress, organic produce for my juicer.  My tea supply is full of healing varieties. I see a clean and organized living space that brings peace and calmness. 

C. What are some of the things that you are now aware of hearing from yourself and others?

“Caroline, it’s good to see you out enjoying the trails and hiking among our hills.  It’s great to see you looking so strong and capable. Your ability to help so many live better with MS  is appreciated.”  

3. What skills, resources and tools do you currently have that can aid you in accomplishing this goal?

I’m a holistic health coach and life coach.  Both essential in proving me with the tools I need.  But sometimes I don’t want to do it. What’s my tool to get past this roadblock?  My friends, family and this 30-day guide to a new you.  INSSPIRATION!  And that’s what everyone of you provides me - inspiration.  We are all in this together so I’m  Counting on you as much as myself in reaching my goals.  Thank you in advance for helping! 

4. What skills, resources and tools do you want to develop to in order to accomplish this goal?

Accountability for myself - I’m great with other people but need to remind myself of the importance of  awareness and continuous self-care.  You all are my accountability.

5. What are the specific action steps that you will take in the next 30 days to accomplish your 30 day goal?

A.   Choose healthier food when options arise.  Clean eating, reduced sugar, no processed foods (or least processed).  Lean proteins. Low sodium.  

B.   Exercise three times week (more than 20 minutes).  Includes walking, yoga, horseback riding.  

C.  Use an MS app/journal  to record my medicine, moods, physical levels and more.  

D.  Create an affirmation*  to use each day. 

Now take a deep breath and know that you’ve got this.  We’ll have a rest and take time to ponder this challenge.

Tomorrow is  another day and we will approach session 2.  It doesn’t matter when you start this challenge. Whats

*End session 1*

Next we’ll talk about how to make an affirmation and Build inspiration from within.

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