Self-Care Challenge: Sit Quiet and Rest the Mind

Challenge accepted!

Time to "Make a Change - Make a Difference"

“SIT QUIET and Rest the Mind”

Start with 1 minute, one day, then grow to 5 minutes for five days.

Set a timer on your phone/watch so you're not thinking about time.

As your mind begins to wander, remind yourself that everything will be there when you are done.  And, that you will find answers and solutions at that time but for now we are to rest and be quiet.

Breathe deep.  Inhale through the nose.  Exhale through the mouth.  Seek always the quiet.

Find a quiet place and clear the mind.  This will not be easy but let your mind find peace in absence of thought.

Wellness begins in the heart and with a grounded body mind and soul.

"I am worthy of a healthy life"

Let these intentions carry you away into a beautiful positive life.

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